students with t-shirts saying what have you done for your world today ?

At Perivoli’s Grassroots Environmental Education Club, we have defined conservation and education in terms that children can grasp.  Conservation for us, means to protect, care for and love all of earth’s creations.  Education is to learn, to know and to do or act.  Action is essential in achieving goals and dreams.  In our own way and in small steps, we are taking action to protect, care for and love our environment since it is everywhere – it is all around us! 

We have a firm belief that our Namibian Government will be pro-active in conserving our wildlife.  Namibia is one of few countries in the world to specifically address conservation and protection of its Natural Resources in the Constitution.  It states, “The State shall actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people by adopting international policies aimed at the following: maintenance of ecosystems, essential ecological processes, and biological diversity of Namibia, and utilization of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future.“

Why do we take the time to involve children and adults alike.... ? Lions as well as various other large carnivores such as the Cheetah, Leopard and African Wild Dog, throughout Africa, are facing persecution at the hands of humans whether they are farmers, landowners or illegal traffickers. Their numbers are declining, ideal habitat is lost due to change in land-use and over-utilisation of their natural prey-base.

Let’s work towards winning many more battles for our predators and endangered species so that they will survive for GENERATIONS TO COME.

Our hope is that the young children of our “country school” as well as the children that the AfriCat Environmental Education programme reach, will become active conservationists and empower them to be the change and make the changes that are necessary to sustain livelihoods, conserve wildlife and protect the environment well into the future....




Our Vision: "To reach as many children, teenagers and adults as possible from all walks of life regarding CONSERVATION of our ENVIRONMENT on a personal, local, national and global level"

Our Goals: "To provide fun, meaningful but realistic environmental education to learners of all ages explaining the true concept of environmental conservation as the preservation of our environment by understanding the many problems we must all address and by practicing suggested solutions."




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